Sunday, December 12, 2010

What A Day~~

Time really flies... It eventually comes to the middle of the month and yet I have done nothing I feel right. Nevertheless, I had my fun. I tasted the greatest holidays ever... Now, I ought to start 'working' to redeem my used-for-fun time. Works are piling up and time does not allow me to play anymore. You are so cruel, Mr. Time!! But, you are our motivation to do things in life^^ So, I hate you and love you at the same time...

Okay, stop beating around the bush. I just want to whine a little bit. Today just isn't my day. I was going to school's Bursary Department (BD) to make my payment for the hostel rental this morning. Yeah, I have decided to live in hostel because many friends of mine are moving into the hostel too. Maybe that's the norm we get after getting our bad result I guess ><". However, the people in charge asked me to go to the Student Affair Department (SAD) to get approval again. Yeah, I emphasize on the word 'again' because I already get approved by SAD last week but I could not make my payment because my sister had a bank transfer to my account on that day itself. You know, it takes 2 to 3 days until we really get and can use the money using debit card.

That was not all, I reached SAD but a madam there called Miss Ng asking me to go to the hostel's office to get approval from there. Of course I explained that the BD asked me to get approval here but the SAD said that is the procedure. Annoyed, I went to the hostel's office which located very far away from SAD. I even get chased by monkeys or macaques along my way to the office. Luckily, a guard helped me to get rid of them. I reached the hostel's office and what the fuck......? They told me there is a mistake made by the SAD. I don't actually have come here as I am applying as a new resident but not as a current resident.

Reluctantly, I went back to SAD and pierced my eyes on the madam. I told her what the hostel's office told me and here's the conversation :

Madam : Sorry... sorry. I didn't notice that you are applying as a new resident. Why don't you tell me earlier? ( she sounded as if she did nothing wrong )
Me : So you blame me for that? How do I know the procedure?
*she was stammered*
Madam : Sorry... sorry.
After I got the approval, I was moving straight to the BD and made my payment. What a long journey I have to take to do such a simple thing... which is only making the payment. What's wrong with you guys???

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I failed.....

I hate failure... Nobody likes it, I guess. I'm defeated at last. However, I have no regret because I know I have tried my best and I have done whatever I can to sustain IT. I'm the only one who knows and understands...

Sorry, mum. The promise I made fails. I'm a total failure. I hate myself... It's funny that I thought I could make it at first. All were just my mere assumptions and they fuck my right. Okay, I'm done...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I will win!!

No matter how strong you are. No matter how infectious you are. No matter when you are going to attack me. No matter how you are going to attack me. I will not lose. I will not be dominated by you. I will conquer you. Because, you are nothing compare to me. You are nothing to what I have been through. This is just easy. I'm the one who brings miracle. To stun you. To shock you. To startle you. To make your mouth opened wide... If you fuck me hard, I will suck you harder. We will see who will be the last man standing. To me, mountains are nothing. The sunlight is not that bright and brilliant anymore... Because I was built. I was made. I was fertilised. I was civilised. By experiences. By time. By thoughts. By facts. By whatever you have done to me. You will be engulfed without even knowing it. You will be diminished. And... I will win!!

(Ps... just ignore me ><)

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Lost One...

Recently, I feel lost. I feel lost in the sense that I don't know what am I doing right now... It is as if I was left in the middle of a deserted island and yelping for help, only to receive echoes of my of my unanswered cry. No one is going to get me out of my adversity, leaving me in the middle of nowhere. Waiting time to pass by... Waiting memories to flush away... Waiting my youth to fade off. This reminds me of Robinson Crusoe, a character of a novel who was also left on an isolated island after the shipwrecked. The good thing is I don't have to encounter those cannibals and acting like a killing machine.

I am gradually losing my shines. I am unable to take charge of my life now. I am not the one I used to be. I have changed? In a good or bad way? That is the issue I have and need to ponder. I think that is what we will face when we are out of our comfort zone right? Okay, let's put a stop here. There is no use to cry for the moon. Thing that is destined to happen will happens and what I can do is to receive it with open hands and positive thinking. Adios~~

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Huh... Today was great! I met my cousins from Canada whose names are Joshua, Lucinda and Krystal this morning. Not to forget Krystal's boyfriend, Kent, too. We had a small tete-a-tete and exchanged our handphone numbers. At first, I thought there would be less conversation since this is the first time we meet. Surprisingly, we turned out to be amicably well together and there's no language barrier ( I thought my English is bad at first >.<) Of course, we took some pictures and I'm looking forward to see those pictures to be posted. Post it you guys, pronto! Anon!!

After I had my lunch, I packed my things and headed back to KL. I took SKS-KL (correct me if I'm wrong) and we stopped at Pasar Seni LRT Station. There was a big load of people queueing there to get their tickets. Of course, me too ( Zzz... damn boring and hot). Besides, only 4 ticket machines were functioning instead of 8. So, there was no surprise when the queue could line up until the ladder there. Fortunately, I was offered by a middle-age man, helping me to buy my ticket. After thanking and bidding him adieu, I rushed to the loo because I need to pee (Aww... this is embarrassing). When I was peeing, an Indian guy standing beside me was looking at my penis! I just rolled my eyes and did nothing. Then, there was another Chinese guy came (because I have so much to excrete XP!!) and standing beside me (there were only 2 standing places to pee) again... This guy is so... I don't know how to say him. He just moved his head, nearing me and looking straight to my penis! It was so obvious you know. I stared him back and he just took a glance on me and continued looking at my penis again. He leaned on the wall while peeing when he saw me trying to look back at his penis. What the fuck? After that, I just leaved the toilet and waited for my LRT to come.

I reached Wangsa Maju and went for some shoppings in Jusco then. When I was taking my bus back to Genting Klang (my apartment is there), I saw a friend of mine, Ming Qi (I don't know how to spell). Hohoo... we chatted then. That's all... It was fun because I felt like I did something and there were many things happened on me today. Unlike the days I spent in TM... T.T

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Out of the Game...

This is something to share...

QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) Ltd conducts and compiles the annual World University Rankings, measuring university research quality, graduate employability, teaching commitment and international commitment based on a combination of global surveys and audited data, including citation counts from Scopus (world's largest database of academic publishing). For your information, Universiti Malaya (UM) has bowed out from top 200 of the prestigious 2010 QS World University Rankings - slips from 180 in 2009 to 207 in 2010.

UKM, USM, and UPM have all improved while UTM/UiTM dropped.
  1. UKM : 291(2009) to 263(2010).
  2. USM : 314(2009) to 309(2010).
  3. UPM : 345(2009) to 319(2010).
  4. UTM : 320(2009) to 365(2010).

Despite having this result, the Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed told The Star it was normal to see fluctuation in the rankings. He said, "the ministry had its own strategic plan which was benchmarked against world's best practices, and would take note of the rankings". Oh really? If the ministry's plan results in this fluctuation, then it is flawed and ought to be changed. I wonder what would happen and what would he say if our position improves. The country will be painted red? Haha... I guess this is the nature of human. When something great happens on us, we will boast and be proud like there is no tomorrow. On the other hand, we will find excuses to cover up ourselves if something bad or humiliating happens on us.

Guys... what's about your opinion?

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Hooray... It's holiday now! I don't know about you guys but I really need to rest after the four-month battle with my studies. I need to sleep. I need to play. I need to watch movies. I need to rejuvenate myself(literally XP). I'm in a dire need to RECHARGE!! College's life is utterly different from what I thought it would be. Coping with my studies, time management, stress relieving, control on foods, control on spending, entertainment, familiarizing with new environments, get used with teachers, making friends, et cetera must be in sync. Aww... At least I made it this far. There's no turning back, you know.

Hmm... It was tiring. At times, I was wondering why I'm getting myself into this. I meant, waking up 8am in the morning and going back at about 4pm(on average)? Taking 3 sciences and 1 Mathematics(excluding those LAN subjects), do you expect me to finish all my homework and revisions? Time is not enough man. At least not for me. Some teachers are not even up to mark some more. Haiz... Can you guys give me some suggestions? Do you think there's a need for me to drop one science subject? As you know, I'm weak in Chemistry but I can't drop it because it's that important. But I have a constant love for both Biology and Physics. That is why I'm still taking 3 sciences even though most of my friends have dropped one. I can't afford to lose my scholarship for not getting more than or equals to 60% for each of my subjects because I don't want to burden my family members. That requires a lot of thinking though...

Anyways, let's just forget about it and get into the mood. I'm looking forward to play badminton with my TM friends. Somebody please do something and I'll waiting you guys to inform me the date. That is all for now... Enjoy your holidays!!