Sunday, December 12, 2010

What A Day~~

Time really flies... It eventually comes to the middle of the month and yet I have done nothing I feel right. Nevertheless, I had my fun. I tasted the greatest holidays ever... Now, I ought to start 'working' to redeem my used-for-fun time. Works are piling up and time does not allow me to play anymore. You are so cruel, Mr. Time!! But, you are our motivation to do things in life^^ So, I hate you and love you at the same time...

Okay, stop beating around the bush. I just want to whine a little bit. Today just isn't my day. I was going to school's Bursary Department (BD) to make my payment for the hostel rental this morning. Yeah, I have decided to live in hostel because many friends of mine are moving into the hostel too. Maybe that's the norm we get after getting our bad result I guess ><". However, the people in charge asked me to go to the Student Affair Department (SAD) to get approval again. Yeah, I emphasize on the word 'again' because I already get approved by SAD last week but I could not make my payment because my sister had a bank transfer to my account on that day itself. You know, it takes 2 to 3 days until we really get and can use the money using debit card.

That was not all, I reached SAD but a madam there called Miss Ng asking me to go to the hostel's office to get approval from there. Of course I explained that the BD asked me to get approval here but the SAD said that is the procedure. Annoyed, I went to the hostel's office which located very far away from SAD. I even get chased by monkeys or macaques along my way to the office. Luckily, a guard helped me to get rid of them. I reached the hostel's office and what the fuck......? They told me there is a mistake made by the SAD. I don't actually have come here as I am applying as a new resident but not as a current resident.

Reluctantly, I went back to SAD and pierced my eyes on the madam. I told her what the hostel's office told me and here's the conversation :

Madam : Sorry... sorry. I didn't notice that you are applying as a new resident. Why don't you tell me earlier? ( she sounded as if she did nothing wrong )
Me : So you blame me for that? How do I know the procedure?
*she was stammered*
Madam : Sorry... sorry.
After I got the approval, I was moving straight to the BD and made my payment. What a long journey I have to take to do such a simple thing... which is only making the payment. What's wrong with you guys???

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